Wireless Site Surveys: How Do They Work?

It doesn’t matter whether you are in retail, distribution, manufacturing or healthcare; in the warehouse or the office you need your network to be working as fast as you are. Nothing can slow down a workforce faster than wireless connectivity issues such as:

  • Slow or intermittent connections
  • Dropped connections during wireless access point hand-offs
  • Inability to connect to an access point

All of these issues can add up to increased work hours, inefficient processes, and at the very worst, an inferior product or service provided to your customers. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, invite an experienced AbeTech engineer to your office or warehouse for a wireless tune up!

Preparation and planning is the key to a strong network

The first step of a wireless assessment is a phone call with AbeTech to get an idea of the layout of your location and then discuss how you use your network. Are you using smartphones, mobile computers, tablets or scanners on your network? How many devices are you using? Do you use a mix of hard-wired and wireless solutions? Are your workers frequently moving indoors to outdoors? Questions like these get the ball rolling and help determine the connectivity load on your network.

Next, using information from the preliminary call, AbeTech wireless engineers will generate a map of the area and begin scouting where to place wireless access points. This can be done with building plans and software to determine any potential weak points. However, prediction using only software can be a little risky.

The best way to plan your wireless network is with an on-site evaluation. When one of our wireless engineers comes to your location and scouts in person, we can set up wireless access points and test the actual signal strength using the devices in your fleet to get real world network speeds. Coming on-site also allows our engineers to pin point any possible causes of interference from nearby business with networks spilling over on to your location. 

Custom tailored report and install flexibility

Once we have completed the on-site survey, AbeTech will send you a detailed wireless assessment report. In this report will be our recommendations for how many access points you need, where to install the access points, a recommended hardware purchase list, and any other tips to improve your wireless connectivity.

Once it’s time to install and wire the facility, we allow the flexibility to either use your own chosen cable provider, or one of AbeTech’s trusted cabling providers. Whichever option you choose, AbeTech always recommends we physically come back on-site to verify the work. When we do this, we are able to provide a warranty on the connection, so you’ll never have to worry about connectivity issues in the future.

Let us get you up to speed

Stop letting poor wireless connectivity hinder your performance and impact your bottom line. A strong, secure network is the backbone of any successful business: your productivity is only as strong as your weakest network connection.

AbeTech wants to be your trusted provider for wireless networking and connectivity.  For a wireless consultation, contact AbeTech today and we will evaluate the best way to meet your needs. We’ll have you up and running at full speed again in no time!

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