Will Your Wait Be Short


Picture this: you’re standing in line at a grocery store; the woman in front of you has only about 10 items in her cart. You’re thinking your wait will be short and you’ll quickly be checking out and on your way. The cashier swipes the first item across the scanner, there’s no telltale beeping sound that the sale has registered. She tries again, then once more. Still nothing, so the cashier reaches across the register, grabs the hand-held scanner and proceeds to scan each item. Certain items have to be keyed in by hand. Suddenly, the wait seems like it’s taking forever.

We’ve all been in that situation before; the one where the scanner in a checkout aisle is not working. In a grocery or retail store, it’s an annoyance to both the customer and the cashier as the checkout process takes longer. In a factory, it can result in costly downtime as the assembly line cannot work properly. Calling in a technician to fix the scanner takes time and money. Regular maintenance can help catch problems before they happen but you need the right technology to keep up with an ever-changing data transmission environment.

Here at AbeTech we can help you find the right equipment to reduce costly downtime, such as the Zebra MiniScan MS12xx—a fast, easy and flexible bar code scanning device for library systems, assembly lines, retail checkout lanes and the like. For more information on this fixed-mount scanner, contact us today.

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