​Why You Should Upgrade Your Wireless Network

Wireless connections are not hard to find these days. Open the wireless settings on your smartphone, and walking through a shopping center or even as a passenger riding down the highway you will notice wireless networks popping up everywhere.
Believe it or not, there are still some places where wireless connectivity is not the norm, or connectivity is available but is underperforming. Case in point: the enterprise. Although the number of industries using wireless connectivity is rising, some are still reluctant to jump in. This should not be the case; in order to stay relevant, AbeTech recommends our clients upgrade their network infrastructure to adapt to the highly changing world of wireless.

Going wireless, first address the risks

When you provide wireless access to all employees, you’ll want to make sure you have a plan in place to manage security risks. You company should have a clear “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy in place so users with smartphones and other connected devices use your network safely. Another way to stay secure is to require users to sign in with their email address to access your secure guest network. White-listing or black-listing certain websites or categories of websites protects you from malicious or unsecure areas of the internet.
If you don’t have any of these security measures in place, AbeTech can help you address these risks. With Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools such as SOTI MobiControl and network security solutions such as ClearPass from Aruba, AbeTech can put you in complete control of your wireless networks. We can also help create your user permission levels and BYOD policy as well.

The benefits of upgraded wireless infrastructure

Once risks are mitigated, wireless connectivity is an investment that brings a high ROI. Wireless connectivity allows staff working from different locations to complete tasks without having a negative impact on the workflow. It also offers the following advantages:
1.     Better access to data. Today’s wireless hardware allows connections even in hard-to-reach areas where wired infrastructures can be built, like in separate warehouses in order to manage inventory.
2.     Increased mobility and better collaboration. Employees can work outdoors in the yard without losing connection. Staff working in different departments can collaborate on projects without having to leave their designated areas. Communication is also enhanced through voice over wireless LAN technology and video conferencing.
3.     Increased responsiveness. Staff connected to the network can get access to information they need in order to give better service to customers who have issues or questions about your products.
4.     Cost effective network expansion. Adding users and devices to wireless networks is easier and a lot cheaper than upgrading or expanding with a wired network, since there is no need for extra wiring. It also allows guest access, something that is difficult to do with a wired connection.
5.     From indoors to outdoors. Having a strong wireless connection for your business provides more flexibility. Your workers in the move from inside the warehouse to out in the yard and still stay connected outdoors if the proper hardware is installed.
Increase your productivity and profit with an upgraded wireless connection for your business. At AbeTech, we are committed to helping you find the best solution for your wireless connectivity needs, indoors or out. Reach out to AbeTech and our wireless specialists can show you the way.

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