Why Rugged Devices are a Smart Investment

To improve customer experience, save time and cut costs, businesses often turn to new advancements in technology. However, upgrading technology without thinking about long-term impacts can be detrimental. For technology to work, it must be tailor-fit to the needs and requirements of your businesses.
This means your company should use technology that can withstand the rigors of your unique day-to-day operations. Though suitable for everyday use, standard consumer devices will not stand up to extreme temperatures, dirt, steam, spillage, shocks and drops the way rugged devices do.

Rugged or consumer devices?

Consumer devices like smart phones and tablets are smaller and more lightweight than rugged devices. These commercial-grade devices feature an operating system, different software applications, access to the Internet, and call and messaging capabilities. They also have GPS that allow for employee tracking.
On the other hand, rugged mobile computers feature a more specialized set of functions and capabilities intended for fleet use and other related work. They have larger displays ideal for viewing information about work orders and GPS navigation. They have a higher shelf-life than consumer devices and can thereby save the company total cost of ownership and replacement costs.

A smart investment

Although priced higher than consumer devices, rugged computers are a good investment in the long-term, unlike consumer devices. Check out our previous blog on the Total Cost of Ownership of Consumer Devices here.
Commercial grade devices are also more prone to damage and loss. Lost and damage devices result not only in downtime, but also lost data, lost productivity, and less revenue.
Because rugged computers are optimized for enterprise use, they are fitted with features that daily operations need in the industry: vehicle mounting peripherals, RFID readers, card readers and specialized software. Integrating all these additions to consumer devices can be very costly, sometimes even impossible.

Increased employee acceptance

Your company gets the most out of its investment when your mobile computers are used to their full potential. Rugged devices are made specifically for the enterprise, so they have features that make the devices easy to use and master. On the other hand, consumer grade devices make use of difficult to understand generic applications that are prone to glitches, making staff reject them.

Warranty coverage

Devices made for consumer use do not offer warranty for instances when the device breaks down while in use in the field. You can purchase limited warranty or break-fix warranty contracts for consumer devices, but this will add significant cost to each device. Conversely, rugged computers are built for field use and offers warranties that cover breakages due to reasonable field usage.
Choosing the right device for your employees need not be a difficult decision. By looking at the advantages of using rugged mobile computers, you will be sure to get a huge return for your investment in terms of revenue. Need a mobile computing device provider? Contact us on our website form, or give us a call 763.428.5937 or 1.866.226.384.

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