Why Repair Service Contracts are Da Bomb-Diggity

What reduces hassle, helps you predict expenses, and improves your peace-of-mind all in one convenient package? You guessed it: AbeTech Service Repair Contracts. Did you know that AbeTech has a dedicated repair contract management team devoted solely to assisting clients with their repairs? Shocking, I know! But wait, why should you give two hoots and a chicken coop? Because not only is the repair contract team extremely friendly, but repair contracts themselves will save you countless headaches and even valuable time. Below are two common questions and answers regarding repair contracts to help you understand why AbeTech is so committed to employing the absolute best repair contract management team in the world.

What is the difference between an extended warranty and a repair contract?

Warranties are generally limited to one year’s coverage and only safeguard against manufacturer defects or design. An extended warranty generally covers hardware failures and software fixes for an agreed upon duration of time after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. A repair service contract may also provide you with software updates, scheduled preventative maintenance, priority response and a whole lot more!

Why should I consider purchasing one?

The need for endless amounts of paperwork and approvals is eliminated when you have a repair contract and the device can be fixed quicker. Time is our most valuable resource, and the priority status given to clients with a repair contract that allows them to have the device back into the field faster is immeasurable. Expense predictability is another beneficial aspect to having a repair contract in place, and allows managers to budget for the true cost of their devices. And last, the sense of wellbeing that the devices will be taken care of is priceless.

Nearly every client that purchases a repair contract utilizes its agreement in some way or another (if not for the repairs, at least to chat with the awesome gals in AbeTech’s Repair Services department!).

For more information on Service Contracts, please contact your Account Executive.

Da Bomb Diggity defined: to emphasize awesomeness, greatness and/or amazingness.

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