Why Go Wireless?

The times are changing, and not just because Bob Dylan sang it. 

And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’
~Bob Dylan

The past ten years have seen many changes in the world of business. This is most especially true for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that are better than larger businesses in terms of adopting to new technology that can give them a strong advantage against the competition.

Making the Shift

Wired technology was a blessing; it made businesses what they are today. However, the workplace culture demands a shift from the traditional restricted infrastructure to a more flexible connection that will bring more business value. Unsure about cutting the cord? We offer you five reasons to make the shift:

Mobility. A wireless network enables employees to access documents and other resources on the go.

  • Better customer service. A wireless connection allows frontline staff to access information they need to answer customer queries, therefore delivering better service.

  • Better access to information. Data sharing among different departments of the business is made easier, making operations run smoothly.

  • Scalability. A wireless network allows businesses to add users quickly and grow the network without having to spend more for additional cables and wires.

  • Guest Access.  Businesses using wireless technology can provide business partners and customers secure access to the Internet which serves as a value-added service.

Wireless Technology Challenges

Even with the guarantee of success, some businesses are still hesitant about going wireless. This hesitation is not unfounded; many SMBs had to revert to wired connection after the wireless plans they subscribed to provided slow and unreliable network quality, costly scalability and poor security against data loss.
Mobility is on the rise; the proliferation of consumer mobile devices with applications that take up a lot of bandwidth poses a great challenge to many wireless networks. Unless the network is able to cope with big data, business operations will suffer.
Not many wireless providers can singly take on connection requirements of a business. As such, most businesses resort to deploying a combination of wired and wireless technologies to answer their bandwidth needs.
The boom of wireless technology has also led to the increase of security threats, which is counterproductive for any business. Unlike their wired counterparts, wireless networks can easily be hacked into and therefore exploited.
Therefore it is important for your business to find a wireless network provider that will answer these issues and give you the best connection to ensure smooth operations.

Zebra Wireless: Providing Optimal Network Performance

Zebra and AbeTech know how important connectivity is to your business. We understand how your operations rely on the connections between your location, your mobility, your people and the transactions they make. That is why we have come up with the best wireless technology to provide your business the speed, scalability and security that it needs in order to drive success.

Make the shift and see your profits soar! Contact an AbeTech representative today to learn more. 

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