What to Consider When Choosing the Right Mobile Device for Your Business

Finding the right mobile device for your business can be difficult, if not daunting, given that there are many to choose from. Mobile device comes in different brands, models, configurations, and designs that may come too rugged or too sleek for use in your business. Wrong choice can create the consequence of inefficiency, lost productivity and dwindling of quality of service in your business. So what are the considerations you must look at when choosing the right mobile device for your business?
Application and Environment Demands
When choosing your mobile device, consider its application and the demands of the environment. Are you going to use it in a warehouse freezer or in a production factory? Should the mobile device need to withstand dust, dirt, temperature, or direct sunlight. Consider also whether the device would be used with gloves.
Data Capture Requirements
Does you mobile device need to function like a scanner to capture images or documents or specific data? Or does it need functionality for card payment capabilities? Ask these questions first when choosing your device to avoid purchasing the wrong one.
Training and Ease of Use
Another thing to consider is the training that is required to use the device. Determine how long before your worker or employee can learn how to use it, as this will have an effect on your business productivity and efficiency. Determine also its ease of use for smooth utilization in actual operation.
Power Needs
It is good to have in mind the power needs of the device you want to use. Does the device need to be recharged more frequently or does it work for long periods of time? Can the device last three shifts before it needs to be recharged? How long is its charging time? Answering these questions can help you avoid choosing a device that fails in this aspect.
Security Requirements
Consider the possibility of your device being breached since it will have serious consequence on your business. Find out how the device can provide you security in such cases and events. Is there a need for a third party security measure?
Connectivity Options
Consider the connectivity requirements you need for your device. Is there a need for your device to be connected with different departments in your office or with a particular server? Can the use of WAN/LAN satisfy your requirements?
Support and Repair Services
Consider whether support can be done internally or by contract. Determine how you will address the issues of repair, troubleshooting and upgrades. The possibility of mobile device needing to be fixed or upgraded is certain. Will these tasks be done by your own people or contracted outside?
Total Cost of Ownership
The price you will pay for the device is not the total cost of its ownership. There are expenses linked to maintenance, repair and upgrades that need to be fulfilled throughout the term of use of the device. There are cases when the cost of maintenance and repair is more than the purchase cost.
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