What is an RFID Consultation?


If you’re thinking about implementing an RFID solution at your company, it’s best to start with a partner who can offer recommendations and advice from experts along the way. RFID technology falls under the umbrella of locationing solutions in our Intelligent Edge family of solutions. Complementary solutions for locationing can sometimes be more affordable than RFID. These alternatives include Ultra-Wideband (ULB) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies.

Starting with an RFID consultation can help you make sure you choose the solution that is best for your RFID goals and objectives.

Start with a Plan

As with all deployments, when building an RFID solution, AbeTech incorporates the U | S | E Methodology: We understand your challenges, simplify your technology initiatives, and enable you to maximize your IT investments.

Our locationing solution design process is split into 3 phases based on this methodology:

Locationing Solution Design Process

An RFID consultation will walk you through this process to reduce risk and make sure the solution is tailored specifically for your needs.

Discovery Workshop

AbeTech provides a Discovery Workshop service as part of all RFID deployments. In this workshop, we will document both a detail discovery questionnaire to gather information around the use cases, problems, and goals discussed earlier. We can also provide a readability analysis to document what other frequencies/signals are used in your facilities.

Initial Solution Design

Details from the discovery workshop are used to create an Initial Solution Design (ISD). Once you have documented your problems and goals, analyzed your processes, and discussed technology options, our technicians and solution experts provide a detailed outline of what you can expect from your locationing or RFID deployment.

Proof of Concept and Pilot Projects

Our solution architects and engineers will come on-site to test the RFID or locationing solution. This step is imperative for simplifying and streamlining further deployments. These pilot projects allow your departments and teams to analyze the results of the project, make adjustments, and know exactly what you can expect going forward.

Implementation and Knowledge Transfer

After a successful pilot, we will provide a report documenting goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. Then implementation at the first site can begin. We will make sure the new system is integrating with current databases and fine-tune signal settings taking into account any interference or specific requirements as documented in the ISD and pilot. 

With a new system, we understand it can be difficult to train current employees on the new technology. We come alongside you to make sure you have the resources and tools needed to quickly onboard your workers to the new technology.


Schedule an RFID Consultation to Get Started

The tips and ideas in this post will help you wrap your head around all that goes into an RFID deployment.

Contact AbeTech today to request an RFID Consultation and one of our solution architects will walk you through your documentation and notes and help you get started.

RFID requires a sizable investment, but the resulting improvements in efficiency, tracking accuracy, and automation can generate a significant return on investment.

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