Warehouse Technology that will Prepare You for the Busy Season


Fear about shortages and transportation delays have spurred an early start to this year’s holiday shopping. Without the right warehouse technology solution in place, your facility could be caught unprepared for the rush.

But don’t worry, we prepared this list of three essential components of a successful facilities technology to give you direction on how to prepare. Let’s make this holiday season your most efficient and cost-effective ever.

An Intelligent Edge

Asset visibility enables you to make business-critical decisions faster. Having a warehouse technology solution that leverages RFID tracking takes the guesswork out of logistics.

Unleash the power of location data with actionable insights. Improving inventory accuracy and streamlining product workflow are simplified with RFID location technology and services. Don’t let anything get lost in the shuffle and keep your team level-headed during these busy times with an inventory management system that makes planning simple.

Workforce Optimization and Protection

Your workforce is your most important asset. Start by keeping them safe with the latest safety solutions like fever screening stations or proximity sensors.

Don’t let fever checking become a bottleneck when shifts start – a fever screening station that utilizes the latest thermal temperature detectors will ensure everyone’s safety without delaying productivity.

Easily increase the efficiency of each employee with extended reach scanners and mobile printing devices. Instead of employees wasting time going back and forth to printing stations, send the printer with them as an attachable device. The extended reach scanners reduce the need for heavy equipment, ladders, or moveable stairs. These devices optimize each employee’s productivity and cut down on unnecessary foot traffic throughout the facility.

Connected Endpoints

Streamline every part of your system from start to finish with AbeTech. Ordering, tracking, reporting, and analyzing all become one singular simple process with the right solution.

Reduce the cost, complexity, and downtime of managing connected endpoints. Get full visibility on your device's lifecycle, all in one platform. Optimize your business from start to finish with AbeTech.

Let U | S | E Serve You

Our U.S.E. methodology will identify the unique warehouse technology solution your business needs to reach its full potential.

It starts with Understand – Discovering and evaluating your technology needs.
Then we Simplify - by testing and providing a seamless onboarding procedure.
Finally, we Enable – Full asset traceability and ongoing IT support for all our partners.

Start the process of perfecting your operations by scheduling a call with us or calling 888.682.3113.


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