Vitamin Supplement Solutions

AbeTech’s Magic Solution
One of AbeTech’s valued clients since 2006 is a leading producer of vitamin supplements. They also produce OEM supplements for other industry businesses. When this client contacted AbeTech, they were experiencing a very real, and very troubling, problem. 
The problem was: label inconsistency, and for a vitamin supplement business, consistency is key. From time to time, a bottle of vitamins would have a label that didn’t match its contents, and because of this, the client was concerned for their clients wellbeing, and their company’s future.
Luckily, AbeTech specializes in finding powerful solutions for problems just like this!
AbeTech to the Rescue: Technology that Really Works
AbeTech responded immediately with a high-tech, easily-implemented solution:

  1. The bottles are marked immediately after they’re filled, with a UV 2D barcode printed with inkjet technology. The bottles are then placed on their shelves, waiting for an order that necessitates labeling.

  2. When an order comes in, these bottles are brought to the labeling machine, where pre-printed labels are all ready to be adhered to the bottle.

  3. The 2D UV master barcode is then scanned, and AbeTech’s convenient Tevia system looks up the master; bringing up a table of potential associated barcodes.

  4. The UPC is scanned on the label now affixed to the bottle; it should be a match for one of 20 possible label barcodes associated with the master. If it’s not a match, Tevia will instantly alert the user of the problem.

At last, with AbeTech’s comprehensive solution, the client can breathe a sigh of relief.
Real Results that Count: Customized Outcomes and Onsite Training
The client can now rest easy, knowing they have a system in place to ensure the highest quality results. AbeTech programmed Tevia to the client’s needs, and will also provide onsite training once the system is in place. With AbeTech, companies can be sure of not only stellar solutions, but customized results and lasting support that truly makes the difference.

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