Versatile hand-held scanner with maximum scanning range

Wouldn’t it be great to quickly scan a bar code that’s been covered in shrink-wrap and high up on the top shelf of the warehouse, then turn around and use that same scanner to capture a 2D bar code held in your hand?  No matter what type of logistics you work in, all have one thing in common: the need to be able to scan different bar codes no matter where you are in the workplace.

Data capture can be slow and difficult when you need to use multiple devices to get the job done. Whether you’re on the back of a truck, scanning in a shipment, doing inventory in a warehouse or scanning a pipeline’s tag over 20 feet away, data transmission takes so much longer when you need to switch equipment or walk/climb to each different bar code. Many companies have also been using equipment that is designed for the indoors, but cannot hold up to outdoor elements. This all leads to loss of productivity and efficiency.

Rather than investing in various types of equipment, trust the DS3500-ER series from Zebra for all your data collection needs. With the ability to capture bar codes in hand or as far as 30 feet away, this indoor/outdoor scanner gives you the working range you prefer. For more information on hand-held scanning equipment, contact us. AbeTech is a leader in providing data capture solutions for the logistics world. 

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