Utilizing Tracking to Respond to the Port Delays


With port delays nearly doubling year-over-year, and transportation of assets taking longer across the board, industry leaders are leveraging smarter asset tracking to respond.

With the chaotic state of transportation across the nation, knowing when your assets will arrive and when they need to depart has become mission critical to better business planning. Utilizing the best end-to-end point management system available is how you can place your operation a step above the rest.

Taking the mystery out of asset tracking is the best way to know how to deploy your workforce at the right time and at the right place. Fortunately, Zebra has developed a host of devices and applications to improve asset visibility.

Zebra SimulScan – Capture and Share Data Instantly

Zebra has taken data sharing to an entirely new level with SimulScan. Hosted on powerful Zebra devices like the TC5x, TC7x, and TC8000, SimulScan allows your team to import multiple pieces of data in a single step. With the Document Capture tool, barcodes and text fields can all enter into your asset management system at the same time.

This revolutionary tool will assure multiple divisions of your operation can all access their critical information the moment it becomes available. Reduce the time your team spends capturing data and get them moving to the next asset faster.

Zebra MotionWorks – Making Location Data Actionable

Make asset tracking so reliable it allows real-time business decisions and workforce deployment.

From receiving and placing to picking, packing, and shipping, keep track of your assets.  Improve accuracy by checking shipments against computerized manifests. Eliminate mis-shipments by providing an auditable chain of custody.

Automate processes and set up notifications to ensure that things arrive at the appropriate location and at the right time, with no mistakes. Further increase efficiency by optimizing workflows with tailored worker instructions. Send out alerts to workers to let them know when there's an issue so they can fix it right away.

MotionWorks allows your team to know exactly when assets are arriving and departing. Everyone might be feeling the affects of port delays, but your team can respond better with real-time information.

Improved Data Means Improved Performance

While the disruptions and delays to transportation might not be ending soon, you can empower your workforce to respond better. Increasing asset visibility and sharing data instantly will allow your team to respond to delays instantly rather than suffering downtime or wasting labor hours.

Ready to take your visibility to the next level with Zebra’s host of industry leading devices & applications? Schedule a free consultation or call us: 888-682-3113.

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