Unleashing the Power of GateKeeper's Automated Door Scanning


Improve your operations with GateKeeper's omni technology barcode, vision and RFID dock door solutions. Track inventory in real-time, reduce errors, and streamline processes for better efficiency. At AbeTech, we understand that efficiency is paramount in logistics and supply chain management. Every second counts, and every movement matters. That's why we offer GateKeeper, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline operations and boost productivity through automated door scanning technology. Here’s how GateKeeper’s next-level scanning features transform logistics:

Next-Level Scanning Features

Barcode Reading: GateKeeper excels in advanced reading of damaged and poorly printed codes, supporting all 1D and 2D codes. This ensures that every product is accurately scanned, regardless of barcode condition.

RFID Technology: Our system reads tags on all sides of a pallet and can even read interior products, thanks to its directional antenna. This comprehensive capability enhances inventory accuracy and tracking.

Vision and Cameras: GateKeeper utilizes 3D technology to capture dimensional data and employs AI/deep learning vision to capture logos, labels, defects, and text. This sophisticated imaging ensures every detail is recorded, providing unparalleled product information.

Operator Feedback: GateKeeper features a 100db siren, multi-color status light bar, and a large touch screen to provide load status and control. This user-friendly feedback system keeps operators informed and in control, at all times.

Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with any Warehouse Management System (WMS), with options for tailored designs and integration. This flexibility ensures that GateKeeper fits seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Support: AbeTech provides a 2-year warranty, a dedicated support line, and remote VPN support, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and any issues are quickly resolved.

Enhanced Traceability with GateKeeper

GateKeeper takes traceability to new heights. Our system ensures that every product is instantly and accurately accounted for as it enters or leaves doors during movement. This unparalleled level of visibility guarantees that nothing falls through the cracks, allowing for precise tracking and management at every stage of the supply chain.

Increased Accuracy, Decreased Effort

Say goodbye to manual, labor-intensive processes. GateKeeper significantly reduces the need for human intervention, decreasing the effort required to move products faster than ever before. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the risk of errors, leading to smoother operations and happier clients.

Optimized Operations

GateKeeper doesn't just move pallets—it optimizes every aspect of the loading process. Load assignments are prioritized based on criteria such as size, age, and temperature sensitivity, ensuring goods are loaded in the most efficient order possible. This dynamic task allocation maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows.

Perfect Fit for Various Applications

GateKeeper's versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of loading applications. Whether it's shipping/receiving docks, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, or retail environments, GateKeeper enhances accuracy and speed while preventing loading errors and improving overall shipping accuracy. It's the perfect tool for any organization looking to streamline its logistics operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Why Choose AbeTech?

At AbeTech, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in logistics. By choosing GateKeeper, you’re not just investing in a product—you’re partnering with a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way goods are moved and managed. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that you receive the best solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Experience the Future of Logistics with AbeTech

GateKeeper's automated door scanning technology is a game-changer for the logistics industry. With its ability to enhance traceability, increase accuracy, and optimize operations, GateKeeper delivers unmatched efficiency and productivity. Say hello to a future where every movement is optimized, and every client receives their goods on time, every time.

Discover how AbeTech and GateKeeper can transform your logistics operations. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a demonstration. Revolutionize your supply chain with the power of automated door scanning—only with AbeTech.


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