Time to Fire Up the 802.11AC?

Wireless has now gotten so cool that it needs to have the letters “AC” at the end (air conditioning). My kids would call that “sick,” but despite my attempts not to age myself, I will still stick with “cool.” but I digress.

What is all this hype about AC?  To sum it up: Bandwidth. Speed. Channels.

It sounds exciting, and it is. But there’s no need to run out and get on board today. Nonetheless the need for bandwidth is exploding and 802.11AC will be in 80% of wireless infrastructures by 2017.  Think about it….. If every family member has two, three or even more devices and they are all using video……where will we get the bandwidth?  How about in your business, the need for bandwidth and speed is growing even faster than at home.

Relax. Pray for warm weather and look forward to firing up the AC in the future. 

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