When is a wireless site survey needed in your warehouse or mfg plant?


Things to consider when determining if you need a Wireless Site Survey for your warehouse/distribution center or manufacturing plant.    

     A site survey is the key component of successful, on-time wireless implementation, and a prerequisite for wireless networks that deliver and endure. They eliminate problematic guesswork and help companies avoid costly mistakes and rework. When your business depends on workers who absolutely need to be connected to your wireless network 24/7 the last thing you need is an unreliable wireless network with spotty coverage and poor connectivity.                                                                            

Our engineers designed the following, 3-minute yes/no questionnaire to help you determine if you need a wireless site survey.

  1. Do your mobile workers complain about losing their wireless connections?
  2. Are your network, device, IT, and software people blaming each other for your wireless network’s poor performance?
  3. Does your company have to pay overtime to current employees to maintain or improve sufficient production levels?
  4. Are you worried that your mobile workers’ experiences with your company’s wireless network have been so bad for so long that they have stopped complaining?
  5. Is your company planning to expand its facility, or open a new one?
  6. Have you hired, or do you plan on hiring, additional employees to improve your workforce’s production levels
  7. Will your company be adding new mobile applications to your wireless network?
  8. Is your company planning on rolling out new hardware?
  9. Is your company planning on reworking your racking layouts and/or making significant changes to your inventory levels or product makeups?
  10. Will you be upgrading your wireless network soon?
  11. Are you considering deploying one or more autonomous devices at your site(s)?
  12. Do you think that production delays caused by your network issues are having a negative effect on your company’s ability to remain competitive?

If you answered “yes” to even one of the questions your company needs a wireless site survey as soon as possible.

For more than 3 decades now, AbeTech has armed hundreds of companies with the data information they need to make smarter business decisions by providing optimized wireless networks. In addition, AbeTech provides the hardware, software, design and installation services they need to make it all happen

Don’t take chances with something as important as your wireless network? Schedule your wireless site survey today.



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