ThingMagic is your Future-Proof RFID Solution

If you’ve been following our blog over the past few weeks, you know we’ve been focusing on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions using RFID labels and tags for asset tracking and inventory management:

Today we highlight one of our RFID partners, ThingMagic: your resource for the broadest choice of RFID readers and engineering guidance for all things RFID! ThingMagic provides real-time visibility to the location and state of tagged objects so you can better optimize your operations.

About ThingMagic

No matter if you’re investigating RFID for the first time or you have an evolved RFID application, ThingMagic has you covered. They provide RFID solutions that improve manageability, scalability and security at your company with a low total cost of ownership and enterprise network integration.
ThingMagic’s offers RFID hardware, software and consulting services. When you choose ThingMagic for your RFID solution, you get:

  • World-wide regional compliance

  • Ease of integration and use

  • A common development platform for all of your RFID needs

  • Time to market advantage

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • A standards based architecture

  • Superior performance in diverse conditions

Process improvement now and for the future

As your premier supplier for RFID readers, scanners and printers, AbeTech works with partners who supply the most sophisticated technology available. ThingMagic meets this requirement with ease. Their open, standards-based RFID philosophy means integration is simple and programing is consistent across all of your devices.
ThingMagic’s software defined radio (SDR) architecture means implementing RFID is a safe investment. The architecture is designed to easily support future RFID standards and accommodate new RFID label or tags technology as they become available.

Easy to use RFID product line

When you choose AbeTech and ThingMagic for your RFID needs, you get a total solution that is simple to install, learn and maintain. AbeTech’s expert engineers and technicians can help you install and service ThingMagic products including:

Plus, ThingMagic’s Mercury & Skyware API gives you the freedom to develop platforms that support an extensive variety of hardware.

How will you use RFID?

Embedded RFID and sensing technology optimizes productivity and reduces inefficiencies in your operations. Contact an AbeTech representative toady to learn how RFID has helped our clients avoid over-stocking, under-stocking, and even theft in their work environment. ThingMagic and AbeTech want to form a future-proof, long term partnership with your company.

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