Thermal Transfers to Go

Have you ever thought that being able to make long-lasting, archival quality bar code labels would make your job easier? Have you ever noticed your employees or co-workers wasting time by having to retreat to an office or workbench in order to obtain a label for something they were working on? Not being able to quickly and efficiently label products or supplies is costing your company money and you have the power to stop it!

There are two ways you can help streamline the labeling process and they’re both pretty easy:

  1. Bring the Printer Station Out into the Warehouse/Plant/Store/etc.
    This one seems like a no-brainer, right? If the problem is that workers have to constantly go from one end of the warehouse/plant/store to make the label and back again in order to apply it, the obvious solution is to bring the printer closer to the product. However, if you have a large enough space, this might be practical. Perhaps there isn’t a workspace available near the products in order to set up a printer station. Either way, pretty soon you find yourself with the same problem over and over again, only now the printer is located in an aisle somewhere instead of the office from before.  This option can work, but is not ideal in many circumstances, which brings us to our second option.
  2. Bring the Printer to the Product!
    You might ask “Didn’t you just suggest that and say that it wasn’t always practical?”. It’s true that having a printer station set up might not always be the best option, but what if you didn’t need a station at all? What if you could bring the printer with you every time, without having to spend time setting up a workspace for it? What if the printer could be wherever you are and make up labels whenever you needed them? That’s the driving force behind the design of the Zebra P4T! It’s a rugged, mobile bar code printer that is small and easy to carry so that it can go where you need it to without needing a whole area devoted to it or any advanced training.  Combined with Zebra thermal transfer media, the P4T can create labels that are archival quality and can easily last between 18 months and 10 years, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Ideal for manufacturing, shipping, logistics, retail, government and military applications, this printer could potentially make your job easier and save your company big bucks in time that would have otherwise been lost to inefficient printing locations.

Zebra is one of the leading names in bar code technologies, whether it is printers or scanners, so it’s not surprising that the P4T is the first-ever mobile thermal transfer bar code printer to feature RFID and wireless connectivity options. Continuing to innovate year after year, Zebra creates high quality equipment designed to help your company run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact AbeTech today to find out if the Zebra P4T is right for your company! We’ll help you bring the printer to your product!

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