The Zebra Mission

We are proud to work with Zebra, a company rooted in innovation. Founded in 1969, the company has been at the forefront of the tracking technology industry. Zebra developed the first barcode printer, as well as the world’s first thermal printer for on-demand barcode labeling.
Today, Zebra offers a comprehensive product line including scanners, mobile computers, specialty printers and RFID. They are a trusted source of technology for tracking and managing transactions, assets and people.
Here’s a snapshot of the powerful products and services of Zebra:
Mobile Computing: Zebra’s mobile computing solutions expertly capture data in real-time and include voice and data mobile computing products.
Printers: Zebra offers industry-leading thermal printers from industrial grade to mobile to wristwatch.
Data Capture: Zebra’s barcode scanning products are applicable for mobile, inventory management and medication tracking.
Wireless LAN: Zebra offers Wireless LAN solutions that perform in the most demanding environments.
RFID: Radio frequency identification readers/printers/encoders create instant impact on efficiency and accuracy in supply chain environments.
Location Solutions: Zebra has a portfolio of location solutions paired with real-time locating systems (RTLS) software. The Zebra MotionWorks location solution platform enables sports organizations to share a wealth of performance data.
Zatar: Zebra carries the Zatar platform, a cloud service and the first loT platform for enterprise applications. With Zatar, businesses can get insights from sensors and devices in their operations in real time.

Company Responsibility

In addition to the company’s product innovation, Zebra has a strong culture of integrity and responsibility.
As a product designer, manufacturer and distributor, Zebra is aware of its environmental impact. Zebra takes a stand in several areas of corporate responsibility. They continually innovate to reduce the impact of their products and work to help customers save energy. Another area of responsibility is in mineral sourcing, and Zebra only works with conflict-free minerals.
Zebra is a company dedicated to community. Its community relations efforts include education, environment and health and human services. Zebra founded a program in 2011 that enables employees to gain time off to volunteer for eligible charities. Additionally, when employees volunteer eight hours at an approved organization, the company donates up to $200 to that organization.
The Zebra mission is to “Delight customers with the ability to take smarter actions through innovative products and solutions that enable visibility.”  We are aligned with this mission and proudly partner with Zebra.
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