The Six Things You Need To Know About MobileDemand

  1. MobileDemand promises to be your trusted partner in innovative mobile computing by increasing productivity through faster uptime and long-term value. You will be more efficient and productive, while growing your business with MobileDemand products. Here are the six reasons you need to contact AbeTech today about this unique partner of ours!
    1.    Diverse Product Line
    MobileDemand has a diverse tablet product line, including cloud-based rugged, rugged and sealed and ultra-rugged.
    Cloud-based rugged tablets are designed for on-the-go workers across all lines of business. Requiring minimal IT support, the tablets are easy to setup and manage exactly like a PC. They also function like a PC by running enterprise software and standard Windows® desktop applications.
    Rugged and sealed tablets are for organizations in need of devices that reduce downtime, increase productivity and empower their workforce. Rugged and sealed tablets help streamline operations while maintaining a lower total cost ownership when compared to over-the-counter consumer devices. The rugged and sealed line of tablets provides users with options such as one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes scanning, three-dimensional camera option, and an array of mounting capabilities.
    Ultra-rugged tablets are for you if you are looking for a device that is as tough as nails. Featuring an integrated numeric keypad, optional barcode scanner and various mounting systems, these devices are engineered for productivity in the harshest work environments. The ultra-rugged category is also available as C1D2 tablets (Class 1 Division 2) for hazardous and/or explosive environments.
    2.    Array of Options and Accessories
    There's no doubt that MobileDemand tablets bring productivity and versatility to your business. But where users can truly capitalize on the benefits of the device is by implementing a mount or dock for that tablet.
    From small footprint holders to powered, robust expansion docks, MobileDemand has an offering for your specific application. And if a dock or mount does not fit your situation, consider equipping the rugged tablet with either a 2-point or 4-point shoulder strap for safe and easy carrying of the device.
    3.    Ruggedness
    All MobileDemand Windows tablet systems meet MIL-STD 810G for ruggedness, including drops, shock, sealing (water and dust) and temperature fluctuations.
    The drop test portion of MIL-STD-810G is what tablet vendors complete to prove that the device will be fully functional even after enduring a series of drops from a certain height. This certification is credible and applicable across all industries, not just the military.
    For every new rugged tablet and case created by MobileDemand, it is subjected to a drop test with the highest standards in the industry. Whereas most rugged tablet vendors will use up to 5 total devices to pass all 26 drops (allowed by MIL-STD-810 standards), MobileDemand uses only 1. This allows engineers to clearly determine the best possible design of the device to withstand the greatest impact.
    4.    Global Presence
    MobileDemand serves clients around the world by partnering with companies like AbeTech. Where ever a client is, MobileDemand is there!
    5.    Innovation
    MobileDemand understands your need to be ahead of the game. That is why they are continually improving their product line to make you more efficient and productive. By making technical enhancements and listening to client feedback, MobileDemand makes innovation a top priority.
    6.    Customer Service
    Just like AbeTech, MobileDemand believes you should have the best total experience before, during and after the sale. Their staff is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to serving their clients, like designing a custom solution for a unique situation.

    As you can see, MobileDemand is top notch! Contact the experts at AbeTech today to learn more.  

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