The Power of a Desktop in a Tablet

Tablets are the bee’s knees, but do you need more power than the standard offers?

Last week, I mentioned how fun the tablet revolution has been so far (or at the very least, it makes you feel awfully cool!), but I failed to mention one of the few downsides to the form factor: power.

I own an iPad 1. The first generation iPad wasn’t the very first tablet but it was probably the first truly successful one and it set the stage for all those that have come after. It was not without its issues, of course. The very first of any new technology is bound to have its bugs. In this case, it was no camera, very little storage, poor battery life and at first you couldn’t even run more than one app at a time! Underlying all of that was the fact that the iPad 1 was severely lacking in power.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, the iPad 1 was supposed to be like a superpowered phone/laptop hybrid, but that iPhone 5S that your kids use to text their friends? 8 times more powerful than the iPad.

Now, granted, that tablet is a few years old now, but even the models coming out today have nowhere near the horsepower of a standard laptop. When your workers in the field and your clients need something done quickly, sometimes that little bit of extra speed can make the difference between getting a contract and losing it.

Thankfully, not all tablets are created equal.

AbeTech works with a variety of tablet manufacturers to ensure that they can help you find the right device for your company’s needs. If power and speed is indeed an issue, I urge you to take a look at the Motion Computing F5v. The F5v has up to an Intel Core i7 vPro processor on-board. That’s right, the very same processor family that is undoubtedly powering many of your higher-end desktops in the office. No hesitation due to a weak processor means your workers can get more done and you can respond to customer requests at blazing speeds.

What’s more, the F5v even uses the familiar Windows 7 operating system! So there’s no trying to find a program in a locked app store that can do the things you need your people to accomplish, in most cases you’ll be able to use the programs you are likely already using on your work computers!

Is the Motion Computing F5v the right tablet for you and your workers? I can’t say for sure, but AbeTech’s friendly support staff can definitely help you find out! Contact us today and see!

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