The Importance of Access Control

One of the key fundamental concepts in securing business premises is access control. This security measure takes control on who gets in and out of the building preventing theft and any unauthorized use of business premises. Much as this security concept is used to control who access the building and its parts, the importance of access control can be seen on its application in various business aspects benefiting the company as a whole. So on what aspects of business can importance of access control be seen? What makes access control an important concept in running a business?
The access control concept has been primarily thought to limit the accessibility of a building against unauthorized people and outsiders. As the number of people going in and out of the building are in hundreds, even thousands, limiting what parts of the building is accessible ensure safety and security of the whole organization. Staff, employees, properties, and confidential data are secured from any unwanted attacks of crime.
Access control does not only limit unauthorized entry of unwanted visitors in the building, it can also prevent workers or employees from going where they should not be. With access control system, different levels of access setup can be programmed.  A worker in the plant, for example, cannot have access in places where confidential data and information of the company are stored. This will mitigate the risk of having one’s employee committing crime against the company.
Data Gathering
As employees are monitored by an access control system, this gives the HR department the opportunity to use the data for payroll purposes. Data can be downloaded on a regular basis from access control server and processed for payroll. Information about employees and workers' attendance, overtime, absences and holidays are then reported automatically. This will also eventually reduce occurrence of errors and inconsistencies usually experienced in manual time tracking.
Implementation of Goals
Access control contributes to effective implementation of company goals such as going green projects. Data can be shared with building management administration for control of utilities and resources. As the access control system monitor the movement of people in the building, it can point out to the building management system what parts of the building are empty. What the management can do then is shut off the lights and heaters in these empty areas. This practice saves electricity and cost of maintaining the building and eventually, contributes to reducing gas emission.
Building Management
Access control provides efficient management of parking space in the building. Through access control system, vehicles that go in and out of the building can be controlled. Access control system can also be programmed to trigger video recorder or surveillance camera whenever a car enters or exits the premises.
Access control then plays a basic, if not crucial, aspect of running a business. Besides ensuring the safety and security of everyone and everything in the building, it also plays an important role in the overall operation and goal of any company.

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