The Consequences of Incorrect Bar Codes and Labels

Labels themselves are not very expensive! Just a piece of paper and some adhesive is all it takes to make a label. But the information on that label can be priceless. One simple mistake with a label can mean serious consequences for your shipments, your products and your company’s reputation. Here are the most common consequences of incorrect bar codes or labels and how to prevent mistakes.

Money out of your pocket

When your products arrive to your customers with incorrect labels, it can be time consuming and expensive for the customer to fix. And who do these expenses get charged back to? Your company! Retailers have been known to charge up to $5 per unreadable label or bar code. Plus the vendor may issue 15-20% chargeback on the shipment, deeply cutting into your bottom line.

Shipping woes

Shipments with incorrect labels or bar codes can get stuck in the shipping process. Even if your shipments do make it to their destination, they may be rejected due to the mistake. Shipping delays caused by label inspection or re-packaging are costly and should be avoided.

Regulatory compliance

If you work in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare or manufacturing, an incorrect bar code can mean being cited for non-compliance. Such citations hurt your vendor relationships and often come with fines followed by higher scrutiny from regulators.

A damaged reputation

Once your product leaves your warehouse or distribution center, it carries with it the reputation of your company. If any aspect of this product is incorrect (including the label or associated bar code), this reflects poorly on your company as a whole. Not only will your supplier-customer relationship be affected, if the problem is not caught, consumers will be affected and it will begin to create a negative view of your company.

The solution? Set up an in-line label verification system

Protect your bottom line and your company’s reputation by installing an in-line verification system like the LVS 7510 Print Quality Inspection System from Microscan. An in-line verification system installed on your printer scans your labels as they are printed to check for accuracy. The LVS 7510 can identify print problems on a press moving at speeds of 500-1500 feet per minute! This way, you’ll be alerted of issues with bar codes or labels immediately—and avoid the consequences later.

AbeTech and Microscan are your in-line label verification specialists! Send us a note today and we can help you protect the quality and accuracy of your labels and bar codes with an in-line verification system.


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