Industrial Printers for PowerPrint Labeling: Zebra’s ZT600 Series

If you’re already using our AbeTech PowerPrint solution, you know the power of having a simple solution to manage all your label printing across your enterprise.

It’s great to be able to manage and print all your labels from a single software application, with real-time control and integration into your ERP and other systems. But many of our customers also want to know how to get the most out of PowerPrint on the hardware side by maximizing the efficiency of printers they’re using for their labeling jobs.

Our software delivers all the tools you need to simplify label management, but if your printers aren’t up to the task, you can end up dealing with interrupted or poorly executed print jobs and a lot of lost time and headaches.

If you’ve ever dealt with label printers that break down, generate inconsistent or poor quality, or need frequent printhead replacements, you know the frustration of hardware getting in the way of your labeling processes.

This is why our team at AbeTech recommends Zebra ZT600 Series industrial printers for use with PowerPrint.

Zebra’s ZT600 Series devices are called industrial printers for a reason. They’re built with the brawn to handle high-volume barcode and RFID labeling in the most challenging environments. This includes an all-metal frame and steel components that can withstand years of abuse in extreme temperatures, dust, debris, and other challenging industrial conditions.

Zebra also meticulously engineers its print mechanisms to provide 24/7 reliability, even in the highest-volume applications. Its print quality is also the best in its class with up to 600 dpi micro-consistent printing, depending on the model you choose.

Onboard sensors, diagnostics, and help resources reduce the need for technical support as well. And guided instructions and feedback prevent common errors and reduce manual adjustments for highly consistent printing.

When you combine Zebra’s ZT Series devices with Zebra’s pre-tested and high-quality labels and printing supplies, you also get guaranteed protection against premature printhead wear. If you own a Zebra printer and agree to use Zebra labels and supplies exclusively, the full cost of any printhead replacement will be covered if your printhead ever wears out too soon.

This focus on durability, quality, and reliability makes Zebra’s industrial printers the ideal choice for PowerPrint labeling. But that’s not all; Zebra devices also deliver many other benefits.

ZT Series printers come with Zebra’s cloud-accessible Link-OS™ printer operating system, which allows you to configure, manage, and troubleshoot your networked printers remotely from a simple browser interface. Much like PowerPrint centralizes and simplifies your label management, Link-OS does the same for managing your physical print devices.

Additionally, the ZT600 Series includes a standard color LCD screen or an optional 4.3-inch full-color touch display, making printer status easy to see from a distance and printer settings simple to adjust with intuitive color menus. It’s also easy to adjust your printhead pressure toggles, and the ZT Series also offers side-loading of media with color-illuminated media and ribbon paths to make changes fast and simple.

Yet another advantage of the ZT600 Series is that these printers are remarkably easy to integrate with all your devices and applications. Connectivity is fast and painless with serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, two available communication slots, and two USB ports for plug-and-play integration. Parallel and 802.11a/C connectivity are also available.

If you’re looking for the best printers to use with PowerPrint and the best available printers for high-volume industrial labeling, we give Zebra’s ZT600 Series our highest recommendation.

To learn more about ZT600 Series printers and get pricing, contact AbeTech now for prompt assistance.

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