Testing Your RFID Solutions is Vital

RFID has been extensively used by many companies these days. It has been applied to supply chain, asset tracking, access control and in inventory management. This is also the reason why many businesses want to adapt it. But RFID system comes in different forms and designs as it has many types. So if you are a business opting to use this technology, the question of how you can determine if RFID will actually work comes to mind.
There are many factors that affect RFID’s performance, so testing it is necessary, if not vital. This will ensure you get the right RFID design before plunging in and making a big investment in this technology.
Types of RFID
In the testing proper, you will find what type of RFID tags, active or passive, will fit your business. Active tags function like cellphones wherein it broadcast signal towards the reader. On the other hand, passive tags respond only when read. When choosing RFID tags, you also have to consider read range, tag size and interference. Determining RFID specifications are important so these components can address the unique requirements of your business.
Numerous Factors Affect Its Performance
For an RFID to work consistently, you must know that there are a lot of factors involved. Consider the environment where tag will be read. Are you going to use your RFID in a warehouse or in a store? There are also factors such as antenna gain, orientation of the tag on the object, type of RFID, reader setting that you have to consider. The best way to know whether your RFID will perform efficiently is by setting it up and testing it.
No RFIDs are the Same
Every RFID solution share commonality since all use basic RFID components: tags, reader, and antenna. But these components take different designs to fit a particular situation. Your business RFID needs might require unique specifications compared with other businesses, and so the need for a different design. For instance, when your RFID needs involve tagging metal, specifications for this are different when tagging other items like cardboard.
Start Small to Test
Implementing an RFID in one’s business comes with a price. You would not want to spend a lot only to find out that your installed system does not work. Start small and test whether your RFID works for you before fully making a big investment. You can choose to use RFID sample packs or an RFID Development Kit which already includes an RFID reader, tag samples, antenna, cable and testing software.
The benefits of RFID solutions in almost every important aspect of running a business are well proven. Adapting it for your business logically follows. Yet, implementing an RFID solution does not come easy. You need to determine the needs of your business and the right RFID specifications to suit your requirement. More importantly, you need to test your RFID to know whether it will work for your business. This way, your investment in this technology in the goal of increasing productivity in your business will not be wasted.

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