TEKLYNX Bar Code Software: 3 Fast Facts

TEKLYNX International has been in the labeling software industry for over 30 years. Having 25 years in the bar code and RFID solution industry ourselves, AbeTech understands the unique type of experience such a long history brings. If you care about increased efficiency and streamlined operations in your business, you should get to know the name TEKLYNX.

Here are 3 fast facts you might not have known about TEKLYNX:

1.) TEKLYNX shares similar company values with AbeTech

AbeTech believes a company should have core values that transcend effective business practices. TEKLYNX understands this philosophy. Teamwork, customer focus, innovation, creating value and honesty are the five values that guide TEKLYNX and their employees. We rely on our partners to be trustworthy and cutting edge, because this helps AbeTech serve you better.

2.) TEKLYNX makes more than just label software

TEKLYNX’s bread and butter is label design application, LABELVIEW software, but their product portfolio goes beyond simply creating labels. AbeTech’s clients have found increased efficiency and security by implementing CODESOFT for labeling printing and RFID applications, SENTINEL for label printing automation and LABEL ARCHIVE for secure label approval and storage.

3.) Subscription-based licensing means cost savings

Other bar code and label software packages use per-printer licensing. This can become expensive if you are using multiple printers or if you ever decide to upgrade your printers to a new model in the future. TEKLYNX uses a subscription-based model making cost predictions and budgeting much simpler. Other advantages of a TEKLYNX subscription include:

  • Lower upfront cost

  • Priority technical support

  • Unlimited access to product training sessions

  • No-cost version upgrades

  • Flexibility through the option of purchasing a 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription license(s)

AbeTech works with only the best partners, and you should too!

Contact AbeTech today for a more reliable, secure and scalable label software option from TEKLYNX. We can provide guidance on which software package is best for your needs and your budget. 

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