Take your asset and inventory management to the next level with RFID


Are you still using bar codes to manage your inventory and assets? Ever thought about upgrading to RFID?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. From manufacturers to retail, healthcare to pharmaceuticals, RFID is essential to many industries. It’s among the most advanced technology in existence for automated data collection and processing.

RFID vs. bar codes

RFID technology has quite a few advantages over bar codes. RFID tags can be read inside boxes and cartons. An RFID reader can read hundreds of tags at a time. With RFID, tracking and managing inventory and assets is faster and more accurate than ever.

RFID makes asset management easy

RFID systems are comprised of readers, scanners, antennae, tags and other supplies. This technology can do more than just help you with asset and inventory management. RFID lets you “see” assets and inventory in real-time—simplifying work-in-progress while enhancing productivity enterprise-wide.

Why AbeTech?

The technology associated with RFID systems is complex and relatively new. AbeTech has unmatched experience in setting up RFID systems. By working closely with manufacturers, our industry-certified RFID engineers know how to design specialized systems for a wide variety of companies.

Need help taking your asset and inventory management capabilities to new heights of efficiency and productivity? We’ll partner with you through the entire process, including:

  • Site assessment
  • System design
  • System testing
  • System installation

  • Ongoing service and support

Meet our partner: RFID manufacturer Zebra Technologies

In order for RFID to live up to its promise, it must be able to capture data quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Every business—large or small—will place unique demands on its RFID system. As the technology evolves, so will what we ask of it. Slowing down isn’t an option; the way forward is faster, smarter and more flexible.

That’s why we partner with RFID manufacturer Zebra Technologies. The Zebra portfolio of award-winning RFID system components can take your RFID system from A to Z—and everywhere in between.

Zebra FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

Zebra’s new RFID reader is designed to raise the bar and deliver peak performance—without raising the cost. The FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader introduces advanced Zebra RFID radio technology, designed for faster read rates and more accurate data capture. It is paired with a new, more flexible Linux-based network architecture that allows for speedy, easy deployment.

Offering innovative products and superior knowledge

By working closely with partners like Zebra, we can bring you groundbreaking products like the FX7500.

Of course, you’ll also get AbeTech’s superior knowledge, expertise and commitment to service. Overall, we can help you achieve a lower total cost of ownership without unexpected delays, complications or costs.

Ready to take your inventory and asset management system to new heights? Let us help!  Give us a ring at 888-682-3133 or contact us online.

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