Stripey Things Unite

If I asked you to picture an animal that has black and white stripes, which one comes to mind?

Okay, now if I ask you to picture something in the business world that also possesses black and white stripes, now what are you thinking of?

If you thought of zebras and bar codes, then I’ve been doing my job correctly around here! Well, the bar code part anyway, I trust that you figured out the zebra bit all on your own. Besides their stripes, what do these two things have in common? The answer is “printing”.

You’re probably a bit confused right now, but that’s only because you’ve clearly not had the pleasure of using a Zebra G-Series desktop printer! These are some of the fastest, most reliable, accurate and compact printers in the world. They boast the smallest footprint of any 4 inch desktop printer so they can fit nearly anywhere. Which is good, because they’ve also been designed to help boost your company’s efficiency no matter what kind of company you have!

Are you a retail company who needs a fast printer for receipts, coupons or price marking? G-Series.

Are you a light industrial company that needs reliable printing of product and shipping labels? G-Series.

Are you in the travel/hospitality business and you need a small printer for making boarding passes, bag tags or tickets? G-Series.

Are you a retail pharmacy who needs a printer that you can rely on for accurate prescription labeling? G-Series.

There are so many situations in which the Zebra G-Series can help your business be more efficient and dependable. Combine all of these potential uses with the easiest ribbon-loading system available and you have a printer that will allow your workers to focus on the task at hand, rather than fiddling with unresponsive printers, which saves them time and keeps costs down.

Contact AbeTech today to find out how the Zebra G-Series compact desktop printers can fit into your company’s infrastructure!

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