Stratum Global is AbeTech’s Trusted RFID Partner

Makers of TagNet RFID solution suite, Stratum Global are masters of all things RFID. Just look at this list of RFID solutions Stratum Global can handle:

  • Reader/event management

  • Tag commissioning

  • RFID enabled lift trucks

  • Fixed/mobile portals

  • Enterprise integration

  • Passive/active RFID

If it’s related to RFID, you can count on Stratum Global to be an expert in it! So just how does this rockstar partner of AbeTech’s give you the tools you need to manage so many facets of RFID? Read on to find out.

Training and tools for RFID management

The pros at TagNet pride themselves in providing you with everything you need to get up and running and then self-manage your RFID installation. This includes RFID readiness and pilot programs, plus education and training so you can make the most of your RFID investment. And it’s all backed by the administrative tools in Stratum Global’s software solution, TagNet.

TagNet solution suite

Having RFID tags on your equipment, products or merchandise is a good start, but to truly manage and take advantage of RFID requires the proper software. Stratum Global provides a software suite known as TagNet. TagNet software is vendor and technology agnostic, so it will work with any RFID implementation you are currently working with. This allows for plug and play with most modern RFID hardware.

TagNet Server

TagNet Server will be your hub for all the analytics and other information collected by your various TagNet modules. Configure your RFID read zones, access diagnostic information and remotely monitor all your tags through the TagNet Server platform.

One of AbeTech’s RFID clients is a major airport with a golf simulator in the waiting area. To keep tabs on inventory of expensive (and potentially dangerous) rental equipment, each golf club is fitted with an RFID tag. If anyone tries to leave the simulator with a rental club, employees are notified immediately, ensuring no unforeseen costs from stolen equipment and keeping airline travelers safe.

AssetTrack is a collection of modules for your RFID readers that allow them to communicate with TagNet Server either wirelessly or with offline sync. AssetTrack can assign object identifiers to products, assets or personnel using reusable RFID tags. This way you can collect and manage valuable analytics about your RFID tags with various applications in retail, warehouse, logistics, healthcare or any other industry where you use RFID.

Another of AbeTech’s clients, a manufacturer of doors, was printing labels on the top of each door for tracking throughout the manufacturing process. Once the doors were stained, the barcode was no longer readable—and therefore no longer trackable. The company solved this issue by implanting RFID chips in the frames of their doors and tracking through AssetTrack. Plus, whenever customers call for a status update on their orders, the company has instant access to that information through TagNet software.


TagTrack is the smart way to manage your RFID tags when you are using mobile lift trucks or handling vehicles in your warehouse. Flexible antenna configurations allow for reading container and location tags in real time using a cab mounted touchscreen interface. AbeTech has worked with clients to design custom vehicle mounts for tablets, mobile computers and scanners, so whatever antenna configuration you need, we’ll be able to handle it.

The total RFID solution

As you can see, Stratum Global and AbeTech are your trusted advisors for all things RFID. Pair Stratum Global RFID with AbeTech hardware and professional services, you can be sure any questions you have or training you need to self-manage will be taken care of. For more information or to see if RFID would be a smart choice for your company, reach out to AbeTech, today.

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