StayLinked iQ: The Business Intelligence Tool for Terminal Emulation

StayLinked iQ is a web-based business intelligence tool focused on Terminal Emulation. You can keep track of worker activity, number of completed scans, network outages, status of licenses and other data about your devices running SmartTE—all in real time.

Unfamiliar with StayLinked iQ? Read on to find out specific ways this tool can benefit your company.

Increase your productivity

Cost savings and productivity gains come when your business processes are continually optimized. StayLinked iQ gives you visibility into analytics that help you innovate on the fly. Productivity leaderboards show which users are getting the most done the fastest. You can compare locations, warehouses, workers or devices to determine what’s working and what needs improvement.

All this adds up to enough information to perform A/B testing between devices, changes in processes or even staffing changes.

Optimize your business processes

Other business intelligence applications focus on a wide variety of analytics. StayLinked iQ is different. It was built from the ground up with Terminal Emulation environments in mind. This means you have everything you need at your fingertips, and you won’t be bogged down with statistics and reports that are irrelevant to your operations.

With StayLinked iQ, you can track which specific devices are performing better than others. Data about device inactivity or time between scans can help diagnose issues such as travel distance between products or poor network connectivity. This visibility helps you choose the right equipment for the right processes in your operations.

Manage your licenses smarter

With other Terminal Emulation software, you’re required to buy one license per device or what is known as “device-side licensing.” This means if a device is not in use for a shift or if the device is out for repair, you are wasting money by paying for a license that is not in use.

With StayLinked SmartTE, licenses are only required by devices in use. This means you save money on licenses. Plus with StayLinked iQ you can quickly manage permanent and temporary licenses through your intuitive web-based dashboard from any browser.

Experience complete Terminal Emulation visibility

If you want the increased productivity that comes from true visibility into your Terminal Emulation related business intelligence, check out StayLinked iQ and SmartTE.

AbeTech’s application development and modernization services reimagine and reengineer your legacy applications and make sure SmartTE and StayLinked iQ is set up correctly. Reach out to a representative today to get started.

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