Official StayLinked Certified Engineers, Now In-House at AbeTech

Last month, four AbeTech employees took a trip to StayLinked’s headquarters in Tustin, CA for StayLinked training and certification. AbeTech has been working closely with StayLiked for terminal emulator migration and mobile device upgrades for years. Official StayLinked certification takes that relationship to an even deeper level. Read on to find out the unique opportunities available when you work with official certified StayLinked engineers.

Official StayLinked certification programs
StayLinked has three levels of certification programs. Our engineers completed level two (Solution Provider) and level three (System Engineer) trainings. Solution Provider training teaches the ability to demonstrate expertise in solution stack diagnostics as well as advanced StayLinked configurations. Level three—System Engineer training—is the most technically advanced training StayLinked offers. It features lessons on input modification, screen reformatting / UX design, SmartTE workflows and StayLinked licensing.

A higher level of expertise
There are important benefits to having officially certified StayLinked engineers on staff here at AbeTech. Level three systems engineers have direct access to StayLinked device agents for software. Other vendors without certification must go through the added step of requesting this software from StayLinked. This means AbeTech engineers can access the necessary tools for upgrades on much faster timelines. Rather than scheduling time with third parties, AbeTech can get the job done as quickly as you are ready to upgrade.

Beyond software upgrades and migration, the true value of working with certified StayLinked engineers is the freedom to optimize your current workflows. By analyzing your environment with the StayLinked IQ system, our engineers are able to gather data metrics around how your devices are being used. This data helps determine which screens are reporting errors and catch them early in the work flow to minimize mistakes.

We can show you the screens your workers are spending the most time on and suggest improvements to significantly increase productivity. Not only do we have the technical expertise to make software changes, we have the hands-on experience necessary to show you new ways to optimize your process. Plus, since AbeTech is a full-service logistics provider, we can suggest complementary professional services and support directly from AbeTech.

Say goodbye to those old “green screens”
If you’re ready to say goodbye to your old fashioned “green screen” apps and upgrade to beautiful, intuitive full color apps, contact AbeTech today. Our StayLinked certified engineers will design new optimizations and workflows that can save you time and money. All your employees will thank you: your warehouse operators when they see the time and frustration they save in their apps, and your accountants when they see the cost savings from new-found productivity. 

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