AbeTech Partners with StayLinked to Bring Legacy Applications to Android

Here at AbeTech we’re hardware experts, but did you know we have systems engineers that are software wizards too? To make these engineers even more effective, we equip them with the best, industry-leading training and tools. This way, they are free to unleash their creative and technical expertise in more ways and in more applications. That’s why we’ve partnered with StayLinked, creators of SmartTE terminal emulation for application migration.

About StayLinked

StayLinked develops and implements solutions for host-based, mission-critical systems in the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries. StayLinked has over 20 years of experience improving terminal emulation and session management for mobile devices. AbeTech uses StayLinked SmartTE to help our clients run legacy applications on modern operating systems such as Android.

SmartTE is uniquely-designed, purpose-driven software that will allow you to update your mobile computers and tablets without running into incompatibility issues with your warehouse management system or other business applications.

How SmartTE adds value

AbeTech understands upgrading your mobile devices can sometimes cause dropped connections to your most important applications due to operating system incompatibility. StayLinked SmartTE will transform your legacy terminal emulation applications into beautiful, intuitive Android apps. StayLinked and AbeTech believe terminal emulation software shouldn’t require the purchase of another software tool to manage and remote control telnet sessions and update configurations—and that’s exactly what you get when your choose SmartTE. This post highlights these SmartTE features and more.

Official StayLinked Certifications

AbeTech has in-house systems engineers who are officially StayLinked Certified. StayLinked Certification includes a trip to the StayLInked headquarters as well as written and field testing. If an engineer working on your software is certified by StayLinked, you can be sure they have the best training necessary to handle any issues that arise. Plus, because they are certified, our engineers at AbeTech will have direct access to upgrades and system files as soon as they are released.

AbeTech’s StayLinked certified engineers can show you the way forward

Prepare for what’s ahead by working with partners who have been there before. Both Staylinked and AbeTech have over 20 years of industry experience improving efficiency and productivity in the warehouse, the retail store, or in the field. If it’s an enterprise business application for your mobile devices, StayLinked and AbeTech can make sure everything runs smoothly and the most cost effectively for your company.

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