Stay on-shore and cut your labor costs. It’s easy!

On-shoring, re-shoring, Jersey-shoring—two of these are hot topics today.

Manufacturing is moving back to the good old USA and not just because of our tax rates. Manufacturing companies are on-shoring (80,000 jobs since 2010) due to higher overseas labor costs, long lead times, foreign country instability and risky, theft-ridden, expensive supply chains.

You could say the American manufacturing ROI is looking a lot like one of the fine ladies on “Jersey Shore.”

One key aspect of this shift is America’s highly engineered automation. Jobs are coming back, but these jobs are widely supported by automation, making labor a smaller piece of the puzzle.

It’s no secret that automation technology can reduce downtime and labor costs. At AbeTech, we’re seeing a surge in our automated labeling and RFID practices with no end in sight.

If you’re hand-applying adhesive or RFID labels, imagine how much labor you can save by switching to an automated labeling system. From bottles to boxes, our systems can handle any label requirements, whether it’s a desktop print-and-apply system, an apply-only solution, or an RFID print, encode and apply solution.

Ever thought about upgrading your traditional bar code system to track and manage inventory and assets? You can streamline production by upgrading to RFID (radio frequency identification), the most advanced technology for automated data collection and processing. RFID systems from AbeTech are quicker and easier than traditional bar code systems. Take a closer look at the benefits of RFID.

Thank goodness “Jersey Shore” has ended, but on-shoring has not. God bless America.

What are your thoughts on on-shoring? Do you think it’s a long-term trend?

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