Standing out in the AIDC industry.

AIDC, also known as the automatic identification and data capture industry is not just a mouthful, it’s also an extremely complex industry. 

Marketing to this industry can be somewhat difficult. There are thousands of little mom-and-pop type businesses that focus on one specific vertical or the never-ending .com websites that continually pop up and spend every marketing dollar dominating the search engines.  It’s difficult to get your message to stand out in the AIDC market.

So what exactly has been working (or not working) for us? To be honest, a complete ROI is a bit hard to track because so many of the sales happen offline. We have a strategic amount of funds placed towards SEO, paid search, tradeshows and other mediums that will reach consumers in the AIDC market. We try to focus a little here and there on publications from specific verticals that benefit from AIDC solutions, such as healthcare and manufacturing. All in all, we are slowly making our brand and solutions stand out more against the fierce competition.

But in all honesty, our best marketing comes from the team. We built our reputation on being the best at everything related to AIDC and having the best people in place to fulfill those duties. We have top notch employees from warehouse to client care and all the way up the management scale. Our company can place a large portion of our success on the employees alone. They are the best marketing money can buy.

What works for your company? AbeTech is always looking for new and innovative ideas and we will try just about anything once. It takes money to make money as they say…

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