Squid Ink and AbeTech – A Smart Partnership that Benefits You

At AbeTech we love working with partners who share our company values. Squid Ink is one such partner, as their team is made up of knowledgeable, responsible people who pride themselves in communicating clearly and proactively. AbeTech and Squid Ink make a great team, and once you learn a little bit more about this manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, we’re sure you will see why. 


A History of Success

Squid Ink began in 1991, supplying high quality replacement ink jet fluids.  Since then, the company has grown and expanded to include printing systems as well as replacement inks. Their printers and ink are designed to print the highest quality bar codes, batch numbers, date codes, logos and large or small character text, directly onto corrugated cases, plastics, metals, glass, wood and other substrates.  


Squid Ink’s products allow for a wide range of printing solutions in a variety of industries. Need a date and barcode printed on your cardboard cases? How about instant drying ink on your film? Squid Ink’s oil-based or solvent based inks print on a wide range of porous and non-porous surfaces. You can be sure Squid Ink has the products you need.  


The breadth of services offered by Squid Ink pairs well with the depth of AbeTech’s professional services team. We will make sure any answers you need are just a phone call away (with a four hour response time, no less), and since both Squid Ink and AbeTech’s headquarters are located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota metro area, we have quick access to factory resources.  


Staying ahead of the curve

Just as your company stays on the cutting edge of technology in your industry, Squid Ink continues to design new products that are reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective. The latest example is the CoPilot 382, a feature-rich printing system for clean and reliable printing of bar codes, logos and razor-sharp small character text. The CoPilot 382 offers users multiple printheads, 2.1” hi-resolution print capability, full color touchscreen, and the option to run from a wireless tablet.  

When paired with AbeTech’s automated inspection solutions—such as the Tevia 230™ inspection controller— your printed information will always be readable and accurate, guaranteeing superior product quality. The Tevia™ 230 integrates with all brands of vision cameras, bar code scanners and other inspection devices. With the CoPilot 382 and Tevia™ 230, you’ll have an intuitive, cost-effective solution for printing, packaging and line control.  


A partnership with a bright future

Today, Squid Ink continues to focus on its core purpose to “help companies deliver products to the world.” An expanding line of integrated products and services reflect Squid Ink’s commitment to meet new needs and new challenges. AbeTech has engineers and support staff with over 25 years’ experience in the industry to help package all of this into the perfect solution for your company.

If you’re looking for efficient, streamlined operations and new ways to integrate packaging line solutions, look no further than Squid Ink and AbeTech. Contact AbeTech today for more information on how Squid Ink products and services can make your work more efficient, reliable and cost-effective.


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