Social Distancing with Mobile Printers in the Workplace

COVID-19 has changed how we do business, we all need to do our part to prevent spikes in infection that could lead to resumed shutdowns and business disruptions.

One risk factor that’s easily addressed is the use of label printer workstations. In many busy warehouses and other workplaces, workers have to walk back-and-forth to a centralized and shared barcode printer to print and apply labels.

But using a shared printer means workers can easily end up within six feet of each other as they pick up their labels. If multiple workers touch the printer, that can potentially spread COVID-19 as well. And even if no one else is near a printer at the time, a worker could be walking into traces of the coronavirus left in the air from an infected worker.

This is why our team at AbeTech recommends Zebra mobile printers as an ideal alternative to stationary label printer workstations.

Zebra mobile printers bring label, tag, and receipt printing to virtually any location.

Workers can print labels quickly and on demand without congregating at a shared printer, touching the same device, or walking back-and-forth to a workstation.

Workers can print barcode labels in a warehouse aisle, on a forklift, in a delivery vehicle, or even at a customer’s door. They can even wear a mobile printer by attaching it to a shoulder or belt strap, which creates a hands-free solution.

Making the switch to mobile printers is also a great move for better workforce efficiency. Walking back-and-forth to a printer workstation is a highly inefficient process, which wastes time that workers could be spending on other value-added activities.

For example, in many busy warehouses, workers walk many miles per day to pick orders. Walking back-and-forth to printer stations adds to that burden and consumes time they could spend on more picking, packing, or shipping.warehouse-photography-application-aisle-shipping-label-zq630-600x600

Stationary label printing also creates mislabeling risks. Some operations choose to preprint batches of barcode labels to minimize back-and-forth trips to a printer, but then workers have to apply the right labels in the right sequence or match them up with the right products and orders.

If there’s an interruption or a delay between picking and applying labels, or if a simple human error occurs, the wrong label may get applied, and you can end up with costly shipment errors.

Mobile printing simplifies and shortens the entire process and eliminates extra steps. It allows workers to pick, pack, ship, and deliver products faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. And they can print on the spot without the common errors that occur with batch-printed labels.

Most importantly at this crucial time, mobile printing also helps in the fight against COVID-19. Workers can stop making trips to shared printers that potentially put everyone at a greater risk of infection.

For the best results in mobile printing flexibility, performance, and durability, our AbeTech team recommends using Zebra’s ZQ600 mobile barcode printer.

The ZQ600 features a large color display and easy-to-use buttons, so it’s easy to operate and see the status of every print job. It’s also lightweight with an ergonomic design, so it’s comfortable to wear for an entire shift.

The ZQ600 connects securely and seamlessly with your applications and devices using 802.11ac Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.1 Classic or Low Energy. It also has a tempered glass display, high-grade resin for concrete drop resistance, and IP43 dust and water resistance.

You can also clean and disinfect it regularly by following Zebra’s helpful instructions.

To learn more about Zebra’s ZQ600 mobile printers, contact AbeTech for more information.

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