Simplifying Device Lifecycle Management with Abe360

Managing the lifecycle of endpoint devices is a complex task that can strain IT resources and budgets. AbeTech's Abe360 platform revolutionizes this process, providing a seamless, streamlined approach to device lifecycle management.

What is Abe360?

Abe360 is a comprehensive device lifecycle management solution that handles every stage of a device's life—from selection and procurement to deployment, maintenance, and end-of-life. By leveraging this platform, businesses can achieve significant reductions in IT support labor costs, loss of hardware costs, and device provisioning time.

Key Features of Abe360

  1. Device Selection: AbeTech's experienced team helps businesses choose the best devices for their specific use cases, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.
  2. Procurement: Streamlined procurement processes enable data-driven decision-making and efficient project management.
  3. Provisioning: Customized configuration services ensure devices are fully optimized for business needs.
  4. Deployment: Turnkey solutions save time and resources, allowing businesses to start using devices immediately.
  5. Service and Support: A robust support matrix and tier 2 helpdesk provide immediate issue resolution, maximizing device uptime.
  6. Repair and Refresh: Expedited RMA processes and proactive support ensure devices are always operational and up-to-date.

Benefits of Partnering with AbeTech

Choosing AbeTech as a strategic partner for device lifecycle management offers numerous benefits:

  • Expertise and Peace of Mind: With AbeTech's experts at your side, you can navigate both everyday challenges and critical issues with confidence.
  • Cost Savings: Abe360 delivers a strong return on investment by reducing costs associated with IT support, hardware loss, and device downtime.
  • Single Point of Contact: Having a trusted partner for all device-related needs simplifies management and improves efficiency.
  • Proactive Support: Consistent, ongoing support and proactive issue resolution keep your devices and operations running smoothly.


Abe360 by AbeTech offers a strategic, simplified approach to device lifecycle management. By partnering with AbeTech, businesses can optimize their endpoint device environment, save costs, and ensure reliable support. With AbeTech's expertise, you gain a trusted advisor who will positively impact your bottom line and provide peace of mind, knowing your device management is in expert hands.


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