A Simple Solution for Proactive Unified Endpoint Management


Managing your mobile devices and unified endpoints while keeping them running optimally can be a big headache.
Most IT teams are already too busy reacting to other IT issues to spend a lot of time on mobile devices, and they almost never have the time to be proactive and prevent problems before they occur.
The end result is a loss of productivity and disruptions to workflows when devices slow down, aren’t updated regularly, and fail to perform up to expectations.
In fact, a recent State of Enterprise Mobility report revealed that 50% of business professionals experience mobile device failures on a monthly basis, and these failures impact their ability to do their work.
That’s bad news for IT teams and the companies that depend on them to keep mobile workflows and processes running seamlessly. But you can get ahead of the industry and be a hero in your company by using the right tools to gain clear, proactive visibility into the health of your mobile devices.
It starts by getting beyond standard mobile device management (MDM) and implementing Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) that aggregates data from all your devices and provides real-time predictive visibility and control.
Unlike traditional MDM, which is based on a reactive, break-fix model, proactive UEM tools like AbeTech’s Abe360 help you find and address device issues before they occur. Using simple software dashboards and reports, you can automatically monitor your devices and discover performance issues, risk factors, and emerging threats before they disrupt your workflows.
For example, with AbeTech’s AbeINSIGHT Module (a module that comes packaged with our Abe360 platform) you have access to VisibilityIQ Foresight. VisibilityIQ is an operational visibility service from our technology partners at Zebra, and it helps you answer these key questions:

  • How well are devices connecting to our network?

  • Are there issues with certain device features?

  • Are all devices properly configured?

  • Are software/app updates and security patches due or overdue?

  • Are devices fully charged and available?

  • Are workers using devices optimally?

Knowing the answers to these questions helps you assess the health of your devices and take preventive actions to ensure their proper maintenance, usage, and performance.
AbeINSIGHT collects and analyzes real-time data across all your mobile devices, IoT devices, and apps. It aggregates data from all sources into color-coded charts and graphs, to give you an easy at-a-glance view of device performance, trends, and potential issues.
For example, you can view device Wi-Fi strength, battery health, status, and utilization to help you maximize device uptime and workflow efficiency.
AbeINSIGHT also helps you automate device health monitoring and optimization with configurable and automated proactive email alerts. These alerts let you know when there’s a potential issue you should address, so you don’t have to spend time looking through dashboards and reports to know what’s going on.
You can also integrate historical data for predictive intelligence and trend analysis when it’s time to get the bigger picture and get even more proactive with your device management.
AbeINSIGHT and Zebra’s VisibilityIQ Foresight are both included in a subscription to our Abe360 Enterprise Mobility Management Platform.
With Abe360, you get access to these proactive UEM tools as well as simplified device life cycle management, help desk and support ticket tracking, app development, and streamlined hardware procurement and order tracking.
To learn more about proactive UEM with Abe360, contact AbeTech now to schedule a demo.

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