Shelf Labels are Saving You Money Right Now

Could you imagine a grocery store without bar codes? Seems almost like a nightmare, doesn’t it? At one point in history, this was the norm. Every single product that went into your basket had to be manually entered by the poor cashier one after another. It’s a wonder that anyone ever had enough time in the day to get their shopping done! Granted, there were far fewer products in those days than the multitudes of choices we enjoy today, but as the saying goes “Time is money.”.

Bar codes save us time (and therefore money) every day, whether we go to the store or not. These are the codes that enable the products we need to be in the store when we do go, ensuring that each product goes from point A to point B to your grocery bag with the least amount of transit time or confusion. One seemingly small way that this is accomplished is through the magic of shelf labels.

Yes, simple little shelf labels are, even as you read this, saving you money.

When you go shopping, oftentimes you are looking for a specific product. You could wander through the store, looking aimlessly for your product hidden amongst a haphazard collection of items, but that would be wasting time (and money), so the retail store will have undoubtedly organized the products based first on function or type, then further subdivided them by brand or name, so that you can find them quickly and easily. If you get to the section that you know your product should be in but don’t see it and there are no shelf labels, once again you’ll waste time trying to locate it. A shelf label gives you a definitive place to look. If you see a shelf label for the 32oz can of Ace Kidney Beans, but there is only empty space above the label, then you can quickly ascertain that there are no Ace Kidney Beans available and you can either choose to move over and buy the B-Team Kidney Beans or simply leave without any kidney beans at all. Either way, that shelf label helped you decisively choose your action so that you can make the most efficient use of your time.

So, we’ve determined that shelf labels are just one of the ways that printing technologies save you time (and money, of course!), but for the retailer those labels take time and money to make! So how do they make the most cost-effective decision for creating those labels? By using mobile label printers like the Zebra QLn Series printers. These rugged, durable printers help retailers quickly, easily and affordably create new bar codes, shelf labels, inventory control stickers and a variety of other labels that help pass savings to you, the customer.

Shelf labels are just another small way that task-specific printers by global printing leaders Zebra are helping make the whole world a more efficient place to live. If your company has need for labels on shelves, products, warehouse inventory, cross-docking items or any other similar use, contact AbeTech to find out how the QLn Series could help make your workers more effective. After all, no one likes to waste time (or money)!

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