Service excellence from AbeTech equals results

AbeTech loves technology - our business is built, in part, on the great technology that can increase a business’ productivity.  The other part of our business (that we actually love just as much) are the amazing people that work at AbeTech.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, AbeTech provides barcode and RFID solutions that make your business run smoothly, but each company has different expectations when it comes to the software and equipment they need in the workplace. Without our incredible experts, it’d be difficult to know if you’re getting the perfect solution for your application.  So that’s where our people come in!

Whether you’re upgrading your current process or starting new, troubleshooting inventory management or simply navigating your asset tracking system, we can help you with the data collection system you need. Our experts can help you with:

  • Business process review
  • Design and installation of barcodes, RFID, and other data collection programs
  • In-depth wireless site surveys
  • Full Wi-Fi installations
  • Onsite training and technical assistance
  • Online and telephone support
  • Ongoing support with annual maintenance contracts

At AbeTech, we’ll perform a business process review in order to make a recommendation that best suits your data collection requirements. We’ll also help you with training modules, system set-up, and ongoing support. No system works flawlessly “out-of-the-box” but we can help you achieve the results you need with our experienced technical assistance and product maintenance. We have the expertise in wireless site surveys, inventory management, asset tracking and many other critical aspects of your business.   We also recognize that more of your business is depending on mobile technology and we can help you with your mobile device management as well.

Now do you see why our people are so important to us? Our 20+ years of experience means professional and certified technicians who are ready to assist you with your data collection tools and solutions. For professional consulting services, contact us.

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