Seagull Scientific: Label Creation Software that Grows with Your Business

Seagull Scientific helps companies re-examine their labeling and data management practices. They are experts in label creation software and are known for their flagship product, BarTender™. We have written about Seagull Scientific’s BarTender label creation software before, but today we want to share some tangible examples of how Seagull Scientific can help you simplify your operations, cut costs and meet your regulatory compliance.

Simplify operations and cut costs

Many companies start out with a simple system for label production that works well in the early stages of the company’s development. As inventory, SKUs and orders grow, companies find these basic label creation systems become complicated, difficult to use and expensive. BarTender is different: the software design and licensing model is designed with company growth in mind.

Seagull Scientific can help you restructure your labeling process to solve issues that arise as your company grows. BarTender software can centralize your label files into one easy to use system. And this is true whether you are using preprinted labels with variable data or creating labels on-demand.

BarTender’s data management capabilities help save costs because you can better predict how many labels you will need in the future. Plus, if you happen to order too few of a required label, you can print a few labels on-demand at much lower costs than a label print shop.

Meet your regulatory compliance

Instead of using hundreds of different label files for each SKU, you can use BarTender to print multiple labels from a standard label template. BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™ manage variable data that can include images, regulatory and product information stored in several different systems. Not only does this increase consistency and accuracy, it makes staying in line with regulatory compliance a breeze.

If you receive notification of a new regulatory mandate, such as GHS compliance, with BarTender you make necessary changes to your Intelligent Template and the changes are automatically applied to multiple different labels. This automation saves time compared to manually updating very single label for every single SKU in your operations.

Try BarTender free for 30 days

So there you have it! Seagull Scientific are your barcode and label software experts! Simplify your operations, cut costs and meet regulatory compliance with ease with BarTender Software. You can even try a free trial of BarTender for 30 days. AbeTech will help you get started, so reach out today.

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