Rugged vs Non-Rugged Tablets

VDC Research recently conducted a study that looked into the use of rugged and non-rugged tablets by enterprise users and it confirmed something that AbeTech already knew: More and more companies are realizing that the rugged tablet is the way of the future!

What is driving this growth in rugged tablet use? That’s easy, it’s cost! When your company starts looking at the benefits afforded by the tablet form-factor, there will inevitably be someone in Accounting who looks at the cost of a rugged tablet and a non-rugged one with similar features and says “The rugged ones have a higher price tag, why would we get those?”.

The answer to that is simply “They don’t!”, or at least they don’t over time. Think of how your employees treat their current tools, whether they are hammers, wrenches, handheld PCs, desktop computers, vehicles, or hard hats. In most fast-paced, successful work environments, those tools are getting scraped, beaten up, thrown around, dirty, spilled upon, tossed into bags, and slid around in the back of vans. They might treat their brand new tablets gingerly for a short time, but after a while they’ll become comfortable with the new tools and pretty soon you’re going to see your tablets being treated the same way they treat their hammers. It won’t be long before you start seeing tablets with cracked screens and smashed bodies.

Now you’ve got to replace that tablet. While the initial cost of your non-rugged tablet might have been lower, in the long run you’ll spend far more replacing that tablet five or six times in the same period that a rugged tablet would have survived. Long term, you’ll save far more by purchasing the right tool, the first time, than replacing tablets over and over again that were not meant for a real work environment. The numbers in the VDC Research study bear this idea out and shows that more and more companies are catching on to the fact that purchasing a tablet that is meant to last will help bring costs down.

If you need to begin finding the right tablet for your company, contact AbeTech today! Our experts will help guide you to the right tool, the first time, saving you and your company time and money!

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