Rugged Enterprise Tablets: From the Desk to the Forklift and Back Again

Rugged tablets can do a lot more than you might expect. Here are three reasons to consider rugged tablets for your forklifts, fork trucks, push carts or other warehouse vehicles.

1. Custom vehicle mounts provide flexibility

Spending thousands of dollars on a mobile computer may be a tough pill to swallow. Now imagine you spent all that money only to mount it on a truck and have it locked in one place with one use case. AbeTech creates custom solutions for mounting rugged tablets to your vehicles. You can remove the tablet and take it anywhere you need to go increasing value and productivity.

2. Standardizing your hardware can consolidate your applications

Rugged tablets are advancing to the point where you can run complex applications from the warehouse to the office. Your floor managers can have their warehouse software at their fingertips in the warehouse, then pop the tablet back in the dock in their office to use office apps. Many tablets AbeTech offers are no different than a desktop/laptop in terms of operating system and processing power yet offer greater functionality.

Take the MobileDemand xTablet T1600 for example. This powerhouse of a tablet sports an Intel i5 processor and can handle up to 8GB of DDR3L RAM. Its IP65 rating means it’s sealed against water and dust, and it can use 4G LTE or CDMA to get the job done outside and in harsh conditions. Plus the T1600 runs full Windows 10, so all your office and productivity apps are supported.

Plus, when your IT department consolidates your teams mobile devices, if one of your tablets goes down, you can quickly replace it with a backup.

3. Freedom to choose the right accessories

With over 25 years of experience, we make your life easier by suggesting the perfect paring of accessories for your rugged tablets. We can take a look at the type of vehicle you are using and design custom holsters, clips, or retention strings so your tablet’s partner scanner is always where it needs to be. If you need to scan in tight aisles or spaces where your vehicles can’t drive, you can choose a mobile scanner attachment built right into the tablet.

Choose the freedom of flexibility with an AbeTech customized solution

Next time you need to upgrade the tablets in your vehicles, think beyond a standard vehicle mounted computer. A rugged enterprise tablet can consolidate your software, standardize your equipment and increase your teams’ productivity. There are many options available and AbeTech will work with you to choose the setup that exactly meets your unique needs. Contact us today to get started.

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