RFID Tags for Asset Management and Inventory Control

RFID Tags are an important part of asset management and inventory control, which are, in turn, an important part of a successful manufacturing enterprise. Here are a few reasons how RFID tags can help your business effectively manage its assets:

RFID tags can be permanently attached to fixed assets and equipment such as trailers, tools, pallets and automobiles. Fixed-position readers can be placed at particular points within a facility and can automatically track the location and movement of tagged assets with impressive accuracy. This information can be used to quickly located equipment or tools when they’re needed, eliminating the time and effort of a manual search. Readers even have the ability to sound alarms or alert supervisors if there is an attempt to remove tagged items from a particular area.

By tracking assets with RFID and creating a record of what is store in containers as items are loaded, users have full visibility into inventory locations and levels. Manufacturers, then, can easily locate items and fulfill rush orders with ease.

In addition to these features, RFID labels or tags on pallets or RPCs, along with other shipping containers, can be automatically read at the docks as they leave on an outgoing shipment. By matching this read information with specific information from a database, manufacturers can easily and automatically create a record of what specific assets were sent to each customer and can document cycle times, aid in customer disputes and improve recoveries and returns.

Because RFID tags can be read through packaging without direct line-of-sight between reader and object and can function well in even the harshest of environments, their benefits typically outweigh those of bar code technologies and remove blind spots from supply chain and inventory operations.

Inventory levels can be improved overall and labor costs can also be reduced by RFID technologies, which are highly accurate, offer real-time information and provide unattended monitoring capability for work-in-process, raw materials and finished goods inventory.

Direct store delivery and other remote salespeople can take advantage of RFID readers integrated with mobile computers to quickly and precisely count inventory within vehicles or stores. This automated counting can save a large chunk of time selling outside of the office, allowing representatives call on additional customers each day. For field service applications, permanent asset tags applied to equipment store its service history, ID and configuration information to ensure accurate and appropriate service is done in the field.

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