RFID in Healthcare: Opportunities for efficiency


Before I came to work at AbeTech, I briefly worked in the healthcare marketing world. I know how tough the industry can be as far as adopting a new technology like RFID.  Change can sometimes be scary! I also learned about all the amazing opportunities that could potentially exist from working through these challenges and leveraging something as powerful as RFID technology. AbeTech currently supports the healthcare industry with its mobile and RFID solutions, but it’s also goal and a priority to help develop and grow that vertical market.

At its best, modern healthcare technology can help the medical world improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, reduce risk and save lives. Unfortunately, due in part to a lack of information -- or worse, misinformation -- medical errors cause thousands of deaths every year. Having insufficient or inaccurate data can also extend recovery times and increase costs, placing additional demands on a medical staff’s time, which can increase stress and detract from patient care.  For all these reasons, we’ve seen the healthcare industry begin to adopt technologies like RFID.

At AbeTech, we not only understand these challenges, but also see opportunities. By leveraging decades of knowledge, proven processes and our industry-leading partnerships, we can construct state-of-the-art bar code and RFID data collection solutions to help ensure accuracy, improve communications, enhance patient safety care, and ultimately, increase productivity across the entire healthcare spectrum.

As your trusted business solutions partner, we’ll provide the bar code and RFID data collection solutions you need for:

As technology continues to grow and evolve, AbeTech will be on the forefront of this change - and it won't be too scary for us.

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