Real Cost Savings in Buying New Hardware

Unfortunately, when companies consider a hardware refresh, the list price is often the biggest determining factor. This is unfortunate because when you focus on the purchase cost of a device, you miss the overwhelming return on investment that comes from productivity gains.

Let’s at look how upgrading your data capture hardware can enhance productivity and save you money.

• How many transactions does your typical user perform in one shift?

Save just seconds per scan over the hundreds (or thousands) of scans per shift and you’ll have time left over at the end of the day. Today’s equipment has faster processors and faster scanners.

• How many workers do you have fixing fulfillment errors from misread bar codes?

Have more time and hire less temporary workers by reducing the need to stop and manually key in data or manually sort product due to damaged bar codes. Today’s scanners are much better at scanning those hard to scan bar codes.

• How far and how often do your workers have to walk across your warehouse to change a battery?

Eliminate the lost time associated with mid-shift battery changes. New devices mean new battery technology with higher capacities than ever before.

• Can your devices stand up to harsh work environments?

Save the time you lose when a device breaks down. Users, administrators and IT workers are all affected by a broken device. New, more rugged hardware means fewer failures and hours of recovered productivity.

• Don’t forget about the tax benefits!

Save money at tax time. Your finance department can add the tax savings generated by the new equipment’s depreciation value to your return on investment estimates.

Start increasing productivity today

All this increased productivity adds up to getting more done with less. When you invest in new hardware and put these time, money, and productivity savings in place, you’ll see the increased productivity immediately. Reach out to an AbeTech representative to get started. 

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