Ready to Rock

So, are you ready to rock? I mean really rock! Apple is………….., in fact they are into really hard rock, not the heavy  metal kind though, more like diamond.  Rock hard I guess it would be.  In conjunction with Advanced Technologies Apple is cranking up a factory to make sapphire.  In case you have forgotten some of your geological engineering, sapphire is harder than glass, harder than a steel file and most importantly harder than Gorilla Glass, a competing product.  Gorilla Glass has become an industry standard over the past few years so for Apple to make their own glass is a big bold step. It is a $700 million dollar gamble that could shock the industry.

Corning-who makes Gorilla Glass- says it’s Gorilla Glass has outperformed all other materials, including sapphire, in test where screens were dropped from different heights.  It also says Gorilla Glass reflects less light than sapphire, making it easier to view in sunlight.  Apple did not use sapphire glass in the latest  I phone 6, presumably because  it is not ready for prime time.  Rumors are circulating that the new glass is heavier, thicker, more costly and although hard enough to reduce scratching, that same hardness makes it more brittle when dropped.

Will the Rock Hard gamble pay off for Apple or will it become a busted, broken down one hit wonder?

Steve Schmidt

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