Process Meets Perfection How Tried and True Practices Get Projects Done Right and On Time

Every business has unique challenges and needs as well as goals and strengths. At AbeTech, we realize an effective solution of any complexity requires a complete understanding of your business environment and a wide angle view of what works, what doesn’t and where you want to be in the future. It requires a broad knowledge base and a commitment to quality, precision, and teamwork. That’s where AbeTech excels. We collaborate with you to evaluate your options and develop the solution that best fits your company’s goals and existing framework.

From business process review through solution design and deployment to training and maintenance, AbeTech teams rely on project management skills, collaboration, and a broad knowledge base to keep your project flowing and to get the results you need, on time and on budget. Built upon our decades of experience, AbeTech follows a simple, yet effective process for initiating services.

We begin each project with a requirements gathering meeting between the client, project manager and system engineer. This meeting lays the foundation for the work going forward, and results in an action-oriented and comprehensive Statement of Work. The Statement of Work outlines the tasks to be performed, any requirements or assumptions and a time and materials estimate. In other words, the Statement of Work is the blueprint for the project.

The Statement of Work needs to be approved by the client before we can move to the next step, which is scheduling. Taking into consideration the requirements of the project, AbeTech’s project management team will schedule the work to be completed at the earliest convenience. Performing all of the action items is usually dependent upon a number of factors and can sometimes take up to three weeks.

Throughout the work phase, AbeTech will provide status reports based upon the duration of the project. These are designed to keep the project team up-to-date on the work completed, scheduled and general updates. Status reports are typically provided on projects that span weeks or months. For smaller projects, a Service Summary is provided in writing once the tasks outlined in the Statement of Work are completed.

Overall this process may add some time to projects, but it is also essential in driving out risk for all parties involved. 

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