Peek into the future of technology—new gadgets on the horizon

You don’t have to be a tech junkie to get a thrill from new technology.

Seeing all the cool, new devices at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reminds me of how fast 
technology is changing—and how the pace of technological change is accelerating.

Have you heard of Moore’s Law? It’s the observation that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles every two years. Proven true since 1971, Moore’s Law is a good indicator of this rate of change.

This year at CES, a wide range of topics emerged: 3D printing, robotics, wearable computers, driverless cars and the ever-present Internet of Things (IOT).

Intrigued? Here’s a preview of wondrous gadgets we may experience in the near future.

Wireless Charging

Tiring of plugging in your phone, tablet or notebook to charge them? Wireless charging is on the horizon. Tables at your favorite coffee shop will have a clearly marked spot to charge your device. Your car will be equipped, too. At home you’ll have a pad to charge multiple devices at once. 

Augmented Reality

You’ve heard of Google Glass, right? It’s the wearable camera and Android operating system that’s voice operated. Many other companies are innovating in this space. Can you see yourself watching a football game with real-time stats on your wearable, see-through display? Imagine a field worker viewing technical data and full-color video streaming real time over a variety of network options.

Remote Presence

Using a video chat tool like Skype is OK. But there are still limitations. Imagine a video chat that allows you to move around as you like, thanks to a remote control robot with a high quality display and audio.

Home Automation

The Internet of Things has been talked about for over 10 years. This idea proposes a network of sensors and electronics that provide real-time control and information at home, work and elsewhere. Imagine being able to control your home appliances, lights, garage door and thermostats from anywhere. But that’s not the best part. These devices could also learn your habits and proactively report back to you on ways to save energy.


Robots were everywhere at CES—from therapeutic robotic pets to machines that follow you around in the grocery store. Would you like a robot clean your windows and vacuum your carpet? I’ll take five!


Swartwatches were super popular at CES. These devices are an extension of your smartphone. A Bluetooth smartwatch would allow you to quickly send a text, receive phone calls, and check your email, the weather and your favorite stocks.

Health and Wellness Wearables

Fitness tracking devices were another huge attraction at CES. Not exercising enough? Need more sleep? These clever, wearable devices track your activity, sleep, heart rate and more. And they could recommend ways to maintain your best possible state of health. Maybe you would wear one for personal use. Or your doctor would ask you to wear this device in order to capture a week’s worth of data before your physical.

Star Trek, here we come

Is it likely we will see these futuristic gadgets very soon? It’s quite possible—if the market price and demand are there.

While we’re not cranking out transporters or replicators just yet, technology is certainly accelerating—and fascinating.

Can you imagine any other types of emerging technology?

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