One VMC Many Benefits Revealed

In our last blog post, we discussed the uses and situations where Vehicle Mount Computers can ultimately transform your enterprise operations.  From increasing flexibility for your workers to saving costs due to low maintenance for these devices, Vehicle Mount Computers can bring your enterprise into being a leader in today's global economy.

One such example of a Vehicle Mounted Computer that is offered through AbeTech is the Honeywell Thor VM1.  This device boasts a fast 1.6 GHz Atom Z530 processor and a Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Standard operating system.  It has three unique features, a field replaceable front panel, a Quick Mount Smart Dock and an ignition control feature that allows the user to set power management preferences to save startup time and extend battery life.

The field replaceable front panel reduces capital maintenance cost by integrating the two most wear and abuse prone computer components, the screen and the keyboard.  Having the field replaceable front panel reduces the maintenance costs because you do not have to send the entire device in for repair.  Instead, the device can be repaired by using a simple screwdriver to replace the keyboard or touch screen.

Having the smart dock allows users to undock the device from one vehicle and redock it into another without losing a transaction and thus saving a lot of time that would be otherwise lost to restarting and shutting down devices to switch to other vehicles to complete transactions.  This smart dock feature enables the computer to be shifted from one vehicle to the next in ⅙ the standard time.

An example of how the Honeywell Thor VM1 is used in the world today is looking at PD Ports. PD Ports is a ports and logistics business operating throughout the UK and employs over 1,200 people in port services and logistics.  Before the adoption of the Honeywell Thor VM1,  PD Ports had been experiencing lost connection to their Terminal Operating System when they moved a tug or computer outside their wifi coverage.  The Honeywell Thor VM1 allowed them to switch seamlessly between wifi and 3G hence keeping the connection constant with their Navis software.  This provided visibility at all times of each tug or trailer within its business processes.  In addition, the operators were able to get through their work queues quicker, keeping their productivity levels high and ensuring good customer service.

The Honeywell Thor VM1 is just one example of a VMC offered through AbeTech’s partnership with Honeywell.   We offer several other solutions from our other partners ranging from mobile computers to tablets to meet your enterprise needs.  Call us today at 888-682-3113 to see how we can help your business achieve greater flexibility and reduced maintenance costs from the transition to these devices.

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