More Devices Doesn't Have to Mean More Headaches

Being in charge of Mobile Device Management is becoming complex. Today it is not uncommon to have multiple types of mobile devices in your work flow and multiple uses for those devices.
Keeping track of all your devices can be difficult without the right tools. If more software, more updates and more users has meant more headaches for you, it's time you check out an Enterprise Mobility Management tool like SOTI MobiControl.

What is SOTI MobiControl?

SOTI MobiControl is the best way to manage your company’s tablets, mobile computers and handheld devices through the cloud. Application management, content management, location tracking, security features—all the tools you need to manage your devices—are at your fingertips in one easy to use dashboard. You can easily control and manage thousands of devices.
We do provide assistance with hosting SOTI on premise at your company, but you get the most flexibility when you host SOTI in the cloud. Here are the five main reasons AbeTech recommends MobiControl:

Version control and scheduled upgrades

With MobiConrol you can make sure all your devices are always updated and running the latest versions of your software.

Connectivity from anywhere

Access to MobiControl through the cloud means device management is always available through a portal with an intuitive interface.

Remote support provided through AbeTech

AbeTech’s experienced, responsive technicians are always just a call away.

Elimination of capital expenditures for server environment

Since SOTI runs in the cloud, you can save expenses by reducing the use of your local servers.

Disaster recovery

Protect yourself from the unexpected with over-the-air back-up and device wipe features.

Already using MobiControl? Upgrade to version 13

Already running SOTI MobiControl for your enterprise device management? If you’re not on version 13, you’re missing out on these key features:
-Azure AD enrollment
-COPE and COBO support for Android
-MobiControl API integration
-SOTI Surf internet browsing controls
-Kiosk mode
-And more
Contact AbeTech today to get started with SOTI MobiControl for better, more efficient control of all your mobile devices.  

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